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How to correctly grasp the van maintenance cycle!

Generally go factory driving the vehicle warranty how many years are generally given how many kilometers,It is the meaning of regulation years warranty,How many kilometers within the warranty or on the road,Time and distance is beyond any belong to expire,So only see mileage is no good,…

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Start a company in recent years have also seen many drivers are too busy,Even the New Year's day is not a few days with my family,I know that the driver is friends with life rushing about to get in a better life,The suantiankula and family care is helpless!So has always been a friend to the driver's commitment is heartfelt words!The company also has never been any bad record,This point card friends can check my company and I personally to the Internet!My real name:Liao Kai,The phone:13479516188.Most company at present all over the country have driver affiliated company,The company can also provide the driver number for friends to verify!Part of the driver friends think yichun far from your home,I want to say:Yunnan and in urumqi, and South Africa's friends come to yichun to buy a car,Be apart2000Come over to km to buy a car,Do you think is it far?It doesn't matter where to buy a car,Basically be to see can't buy the right car!Some companies...