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Adornment beautiful living space Build perfect quality household Decoration design companyTaian branch was established in jiangsu xin huan decoration2004Years,Taian city administration of industry and commerce officially registered、With national formal qualification of construction design、Construction as one of the interior、 Outside decorationTaian decoration company。Company's business scope includes: Housing、The apartment、Villa、The hotel、Decoration of office space, etc。Jiangsu xin huan whole decorates adornment taian branch combination of Beijing、Shanghai、Nanjing、Qingdao、Changchun and other places of past experience combined with local consumption idea launched35800Series、46800Series,On the basis of the added part zero - formaldehyde,Make your home more environmentally friendly。Perfect quality management system and service management system,True to solve customer's worries。 Jiangsu xin huan decoration taian branch has a design、Double the qualifications of construction;The company now has employees300Many people,With senior title and above college degree150People,100A number of excellent designers,30A number of professional construction team,The average age28Years old,Is a group of vigorous、The era of thriving and the couple。 Jiangsu xin huan decoration taian branch is a collection of domestic outfit、Design、Select material、The construction、Process identification、After-sales service as a whole、A full range of taian decoration material company。Has cabinet research and development production base、Research and development of furniture production base door window r &d and production base,Truly realize the integration of household life。Decoration company which is goodTaian decorative material companyWelcome toTaian building decoration company【For details】

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Address:The southern section of taian kwong road305Urban forest east
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