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China jiing guardrailThree big advantageThe user is supreme Reputation first

SetProduction、SalesNormal strength in one large enterprise

The company for many years focused on productionFence netting fenceClass products

AfterMore than ten yearsContinuous efforts,The production process、Product quality to achieveThe industry leading level

Advanced equipment Home furnishings The inventory is enough The price is reasonable

It happenedDomestic first-class production equipmentThe variety is complete

The company has to market the fence there are dozens of,Cover the zinc steel guardrail,The lawn guardrail,The fence,Iron horse temporary fence,Frame fence,Bilateral guardrail,, and a series of cell wall guardrail guardrail etc series products

Rich experience in industry, Fast delivery throughout the country

It happenedFor many years rich experience in the industry,Can accurate to solve customer's product demand,At the same time cooperate with many large logistics companies,Can deliver goods fast in cities and counties across,Service the regional customers,Save your precious time。

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       Anpingxian China jiing wire mesh products co., LTD., specializing in the production of bilateral wire fence,Frame fence,Zinc steel guardrail,Stadium fence,Foundation pit enclosure,Peach shape column guardrail,Cars in the workshop,Climbing scaffold nets and other fence products,My company has a complete、Scientific quality management system。     

       My factory has a strong professional,Strong technical force,Advanced production equipment,Excellent quality management,All the year round to provide clients with a variety of venues、Safety containment solution。The products can be applied to real estate development and construction、Residential area、The garden、The park、The school、Public buildings、The stadium、Factory workshop isolation、Port、The airport、Photovoltaic power station、The prison、Highway and railway, etc。    

       Anpingxian China jiing wire mesh products co., LTD. Of integrity and product quality obtain industry acceptance。 The user is supreme,Reputation first is always following the principle of,Grasp now,Focus on the future。

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Contacts:Yan manager
A mobile phone:15131812255
Address:Anpingxian two hollow village south west100Meters